Our Story

Robin and Travis met through mutual friends in Travis’ home state of Maryland. It is only fitting that their first conversation would be a drunken political discussion over the pending election. After which, Travis suggested they revisit (sober) over coffee. Really, he was just looking for any excuse to ask Robin out on a date. He had never met someone with such conviction who spoke so intelligently on such controversial topics. Although they didn’t agree on all topics, Travis knew this was someone he wanted to get to know.

Over time, they would see each other frequently at parties and get-togethers. At the Maryland Wine Festival in July of 2016, Travis expressed interest in doing yoga and asked to join Robin at the studio she attended. It didn’t take long for Travis and Robin to spend every waking (and sleeping) moment together. They had each realized they found their missing piece.
Travis expressed his love for Robin on Halloween of 2016.  Robin was really missing home and already had her eye on going back to California. They both didn’t want what they had to end so they decided to continue their relationship long distance. They made as many trips as they could between California and Maryland, visiting each other as often as possible.
During one of Robin’s visits to Maryland, they decided to take a trip to New York. Robin had lived in Maryland for several years and had always wanted to visit New York but never got the chance.  Travis planned the trip to show her as much of iconic New York as possible, but still left room in the schedule to propose on a stroll through Manhattan. During another one of Robin’s visits to Maryland, they decided to elope in Frederick.
It didn’t take long for Robin to convince Travis that California would be the best place for them to start their life together.  In January 2018, they moved into their first apartment as husband and wife, and so begin the adventures of Robin and Travis.
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